Bored?! Start a partaaayyyyy in your bubble with a freaky deaky delicious cocktail that tastes exceptional but is so so easy to whip up. Clean, refreshing and fruity, it’s the kind of drink you have while you’re on an island getaway. 

And of course, the brilliant Jeremy Nivern mixed this up. At the end of last year, we went to Countdown and got a bunch of fruit to use for our collection of fresh AF cocktails. From pomegranate to tamarillos, it was such an extra day for this booze-hag. All I did was take pictures and drink what he made, which can be described as the ideal workday for me.

During the lockdown, there aren’t too many people I missed. But I really missed Jeremy. I don’t think he missed me at all though. Once this is over, he will be one of the first people I’m going to see. I’m suffering from heaving withdrawals symptoms and I bet there’ll be some feijoa cocktails ready for imbibing.

This is Jeremy, by the way.

In the watermelon tequila sour, the ingredients are super simple but it tastes fancy as fuck. Using tequila gives the drink a vegetal undertone whilst remaining clean and dry. And the lemon juice and sugar provides a good balance of sweet and sour. Adding the Watermelon is what really brightens this cocktail up and gives it a wonderful, vibrant flavour. 

We’re going to be making these tonight to get lit.


50mls Herradura tequila (get it delivered here)
20mls lemon juice
10mls simple syrup
6x watermelon chunks

How To:

Add all ingredients to a cocktail tin. Using a blunt object, muddle the Watermelon chunks to release the juices. When all ingredients have been added to the cocktail shaker, shake for 6 seconds. Strain off into a tumbler, add ice and garnish. 

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