It’s November now – which means the Southern hemisphere is going to get a whole lot warmer and your face is going to be suffering from the sweats like you’ve got food poisoning. Well – hopefully, not to that extent. But you get the gist.

Whether you’re a daily runner, gym enthusiast, hardcore humper, or a water-baby who loves to float, surf and swim (amongst other water habits); you’ve got to have at least one waterproof weapon to keep your lashes fluttering at full strength. You see, unwritten beachside etiquette is exactly that – unwritten. So you never know if your wallet will get snatched while you’re mindlessly frolicking around like a stock photo. All you will be able to rely on is your flirting skills that come hand-in-hand with lash-batting. Gotta quench your parched throat with a mojito somehow, am I right?! 

Bumble Butt and Slick Schtick took a bunch of waterproof formulas on their Bali trip to put them through the ultimate humidity-and-sweat test so you can spend your money on the stuff that’s rated. Crying was also involved as part of the endurance test. If you’re endowed with deep-set hooded eyes or oily eyelids that causes unrelenting smudging and fury – Bumble Butt’s notes will be incredibly relevant for you. 

Diorshow Pump’N’Volume Waterproof Mascara, NZD$62

Day 1: Diorshow Pump’N’Volume Waterproof Mascara

Bumble Butt

The brush on this is great; I’m a lover of bristles over combed brushes and this is an excellent medium that gives both length and volume. The formula is on the wet side so be sure to take as much product off in the tube and ensure the individual lash hairs can fan out. It didn’t clump up when I applied lashings of mascara but a few of my lash hairs joined together instead of separating. Unfortunately, by the end of the day, it smeared all over my under eyes as well as my lids – don’t be mortified though – it’s a common problem for me due to my hooded and downturned eye shape.
5/10 – I loved the look of my lashes with this initially but due to the smudging, I’ve reduced the score.

Slick Schtick

Opposite to Bumble Butt, I prefer combed brushes over bristled. However, this brush has a midway style that’s definitely workable for me. It provides great length and volume, without sacrificing one effect for the other. We agreed that it was great for workability but a little ‘bitsy’ while applying.  I had much more success with it than Bumble Butt did – I cried twice that day and it didn’t smear or smudge at all, even with dabbing my eyes.
9/10 – it held well with the humidity and my lashes looked long and full all day.


M.A.C. Haute & Naughty Waterproof Lash Mascara, NZD$48

Day 2: MAC Haute and Naughty Waterproof Lash Mascara

Bumble Butt

Slick Schtick and I both rate this mascara as one of our two favourites from the bunch.  The option of having two brushes is such a useful feature for travelling – day and night mascara in one! The wands are near identical but there are two orifices for the wand to extract from, so that you can choose between volume and definition. I opted to use the wand from the larger orifice and loved the volume it gave. It’s the most waterproof mascara I’ve come across – I went for a swim at a surf beach, was annihilated by the surf and came out looking as flawless as Gigi emerging from the pool in Calvin Harris’ MV for “How Deep is Your Love.” (It’s true. I’m a bombshell.) It also survived a pool swim, a shower, and my lashes looked exactly as they did that morning after applying. It’s a little hard to apply though – I managed to get a healthy amount on my eyelids. I loved this one so much that I wore it on a night out back in NZ and there was no greasy drop on my lower lids, which is so rare for me.
10/10 because it’s damn near-perfect on all fronts.

Slick Schtick

The volume that this brush gives is insane; the two features of mascara I look for are separation and volume and it gives that in folds. It stays on really well (this is especially noticeable on Bumble Butt, as it’s rare for mascara to smudge on my eyeshape).  The dual-wiper brush is such a great feature – I don’t like carrying a bunch of makeup, so the option is handy.
10/10 because it held well, has great volume, and has two brushes for volume and definition.

BADgal BANG! Volumising Mascara, NZD$46

Day 3: Benefit Bad Gal Bang!

Bumble Butt

This mascara and I did not get along well on our first encounter – I did not like the ‘slimpact’ brush initially – I ended up with clumped, thick lashes. It didn’t survive a high heat, steamy cooking class on a humid holiday: as it is water resistant and not waterproof, I made sure to retry it post (super humid) holiday to see if things changed for us. I am converted – I really like the way it makes my lashes look: lifted and separated, but with great volume. You definitely need to give it more than one go to learn and practice how to use the snazzy brush. I’ve worn it running a few times, and it held well for not being waterproof – a little bit of smudging, but that’s to be expected with my eye shape and also how sweaty I am.
7/10 great for normal life water resistance requirements, with a nice clean look.

Slick Schtick

I was expecting to be absolutely obsessed with this one, because I usually swear by Benefit mascaras and wear them daily.  Although it isn’t my favourite of their range, they are great at water-resistant formulas; this one didn’t smudge and survived a swim. My advice would be to give it a couple of goes to really get a handle on the brush, as it didn’t apply well for me the first time, but did on subsequent wears.
7/10 as it’s great for daily wear, but personally I’m obsessed with “They’re Real” and I’m going to have to stick with my OG!

L’Oreal Paris Paradise Waterproof Mascara, NZD$26.99

Day 4: L’Oreal Paris Paradise Extatic Waterproof Mascara

Bumble Butt

It has a nice balance of volume and length, without looking too ‘done.’ A little bit on the clumpy side, but very workable and still had good separation. As we didn’t do anything too strenuous, I kept it on for the night out without re-applying. It lost a lot of the volume and length later in the night, but there was no greasy residue on neither of my upper nor lower lids.
6/10 A great mid-range mascara.

Slick Schtick

A good mid-ground of volume and length for a natural day-time look. Nothing to write home about, but definitely a good one for the makeup bag when you need something that doesn’t cost much.
6/10 I’m not particularly inspired by this one, but I would keep it as a cheaper back up option in my makeup rotation.


Shiseido Full Lash Multi-Dimension Mascara Waterproof, NZD$51

Day 5: Shiseido Full Lash Multi-Dimension Mascara Waterproof

Bumble Butt

I liked the brush design; the angle made it easy to apply. The formula is very wet and I had to clean my eye area a couple of times while it dried. My lashes were sitting at an odd angle all day – it didn’t give anywhere near the lift that the others have. However, it is very waterproof, surviving waterfalls and face washing.

6/10 As it is clearly a great waterproof option, but I didn’t like how wet the formula was or the lack of lift on my lashes.

By Slick Schtick

Another clumpy mascara – I prefer having lots of lashes, not a few. This was really waterproof, withstanding waterfalls and whatnot. Definitely the most difficult to remove of the lot, so if you’re going for staying power, this is the one for you.
5/10 I didn’t like this one as it clumped my lashes together, but it is very waterproof.

By Chatty Chung

Chiming in here to give you my 2 cents – this mascara is insane, however, it only truly gives itself to their practiced masters due to their 360 degree rotating wand – it’s all about them angles! When I first tried it, I was pretty confuzzled with how shit my lashes looked. They were criss-crossed instead of fanned out and the formula didn’t spread easily. When you wield the wand, bend the brush to get your desired angle at the mouth of the container and you can further rotate it. The brush is flat and when you look closely, one side of the brush has longer bristles than the other – freakin’ awesome for managing top and bottom lashes accordingly. If you can get a hang of the wand and brush, the mascara should provide length, volume and thickness easily. Most waterproof formulas end up drying too fast and flaking, but I love that this one is on the wetter side and you can do a couple of coats without it looking spidery. It definitely helps to use the uber famous Shiseido Eyelash Curler to provide well-shaped lashes. If you don’t have one of these already, it’ll be the best $20 you’ll ever spend for dramatically improving the look of your lashes. Overall, I’d give it a 8/10 – However, I’m pretty sure that this mascara is slowly being phased out for their new Imperial Lash Waterproof Mascara, $60.

CliniqueFIT Workout 24-Hour Mascara, NZD$46

Day 6: Clinique Fit Workout 24-hour Mascara

By Bumble Butt

This one is my favourite for length and separation of lashes. It holds really well, even after 18 hours of wear – I was naughty and slept with it on, after a humid day of bike riding. Since returning from Bali, I’ve worn it a few times since because I love it so goddamn much. For another test, I went for a dip – the mascara stayed on really well and it also didn’t budge all night. It has a really clean, defined application. Despite the amazing hold, it removes reasonably easily – I got away with a wipe, rather than eye makeup remover.
10/10 I am in love with this mascara.  Great length and separation, as well as excellent waterproof quality.

By Slick Schtick

Really nice to apply – I’ve also worn this one a few times since test day (for the second week of the trip after Rose left). Held well in humid conditions, as well as swimming and going out at night. I love the separation it gives – such a nice clean look for daytime looks, which is obviously key while swimming lots! I’ll be buying this for summer.
9/10 I would buy this in a heartbeat.

By Chatty Chung

Hot diggity damn! This is ace.I just had to say something about this one! When Clinique first released their Workout range, I admittedly thought, “Oh dear God. Surely not – a makeup range for the gym? *eye-roll* What in the wide world of f**k are we teaching the younguns!” But you know – global commercialism and marketing = $$$, so it is what it is. I also knew that Clinique are renowned for owning the space of mascaras with the ultimate ‘separated lash effect’ and I can vouch for that with their Lash Power Flutter-to-Full Mascara (why has this godsend been discontinued?! It baffles me). Anyway, the brush is shaped like a long, thin cuboid that tapers at the end. It’s a goof-proof wand and formula that gives super fanned out, lengthy lashes. If you’ve got smudging issues, I highly recommend you try this. Plus, you can use it as your second coat to increase longevity if you’ve still got some duds left to use up.

M.A.C. Extended Play Lash Mascara, NZD$42

Day 7: M.A.C. Extended Play Lash Mascara

Bumble Butt

Okay I said I have two favourites, but maybe I can have another? I love the gentle look it gave my lashes – very good definition. Great for natural makeup days. Our test day required the Extended Play Lash to hold through humidity, my sweat-breaking tattoo and also the flight home. Effectively, it lasted until the next evening. Not much volume, but great for clean looks. I wore it yesterday to work and kept it on for Bikram just out of curiosity – it held on the eye I didn’t furiously try to wipe sweat out of!
8/10 Great hold, with clean definition and length.

By Slick Schtick

This is a great mascara, but a clear third place for me. It has great definition and separation, which are what I look for, but I do like a little more volume. It held really well through the particularly humid day we had.
7/10 Because it offers almost everything I like in a mascara.

Lancôme Hypnôse Waterproof, $60

Day 8: Lancôme Hypnôse Waterproof

Bumble Butt

This mascara is such a great all rounder – really waterproof, but easy to apply with no smudging for the clumsy-handed like myself.  I loved the lush volume it gave my lashes without it being too much for a day time look.
9/10 because it’s a beautiful mascara that I ‘re-tested’ a number of times following the review.

By Slick Schtick

It applied really well with nice volume. Lancôme have nailed their waterproofing – it didn’t come off in the shower. I did think it would give more length – but I loved it and would like it in a non waterproof formula too.
9/10 for an awesome everyday type mascara.


M.A.C. In Extreme Dimension Waterproof Mascara, NZD$48

Day 9: M.A.C. In Extreme Dimension Waterproof Mascara

Bumble Butt

Such a strange brush! I was a little skeptical if I’m honest, but it proved super easy to apply.  A great, whipped formula that didn’t need to be worked through much. I wore this to a physical test in anticipation of the sweat; it lasted an hour of heavy crying afterwards and still looked great – the ultimate waterproof test.  I have to say, M.A.C. really know how to get that shit to stay on!
9/10 for the amazing staying power!

By Slick Schtick

The brush has such short, wide spaced bristles – wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but the formula was easy to apply and the brush was great. Gave a nice, clean day time look for your lashes. Very waterproof – make sure you have a good eye makeup remover, because this stuff will stay on even in the shower!
8/10 it’ll be a good one for lots of swimming in summer.


Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara Waterproof, $24.99

Day 10: Maybelline Total Temptation Waterproof Mascara

Bumble Butt

This formula is very dry, which made it harder to apply than the other mascaras, but is ideal for my eye shape as it reduced the risk of smudging immediately after application. I didn’t have high hopes for this one, as the dryness seemed like it would flake off during the day – boy was I wrong! This is a great mascara for those with similar eye shapes to me. I wore it for a run and it held up very well indeed. It’s a great, cheaper option for the budget conscious.
7/10 as it holds really well, but is quite time consuming to apply.

By Slick Schtick

I opened this mascara from the packet, and was not expecting it to be so dry! I found it hard to apply as I’m used to wet formulas and don’t need to worry about my eye shape. You’ve really got to spend some time layering it to give off volume. In terms of longevity, it lasted really well and was very waterproof.
7/10 as it’s a good, cheap waterproof, but not the best to apply.

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