If you’re sick of baking the same ol’ insipid banana bread day in day out, here’s an idea – how about switching up your sugar intake to something tart and tangy? Whether you’re in isolation solo, in a big flat bubble or exhausted from screaming children, a few strawberry margaritas will lift your spirits up, one hunned. 

When Jeremy first made this cocktail for Chatty Chums, it was summer in December and strawberries were in season… Sorry, I’m a dick for leaving it this late. For those who are enjoying the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere, fresh in-season strawberries will be fruity and fragrant for this drink. 

Herradura Tequila provides a beautiful sweet base to the acidity that the strawberries bring, and together, they become one. The agave syrup compliments the tequila while the lime juice ties all the ingredients together. 


40mls Herradura Tequila (order from here during lockdown)
10 mls Cointreau
20mls Lime Juice
10mls Agave
1x Strawberry 

How To:

Add all the ingredients to the cocktail tin and using a blunt object, muddle the strawberry to release its flavour and juices. When everything is in the shaker, add ice and shake hard for 6 seconds. When done, strain into a coupette or martini glass that has been rimmed with salt. Garnish with a fresh strawberry on the side.

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