When I mentioned to Chatty Chung about how much I love full coverage foundations, she said I HAD to try 1SKIN from the Australian owned company, O Cosmedics.

O’s philosophy is to fuse cosmedical skincare and makeup with 98% natural ingredients to deliver beautiful products that nourish and protect the integrity of your skin.

I must admit, I am slightly sceptical of the efficacy of some natural formulas so I was pleased to see that their formulations have been tried and tested, with results supported by clinical research. Furthermore, the active ingredients are chirally correct – meaning that they are more potent than some synthetically-created counterparts (you can read more about chiral-correct skincare here). As I become more educated in skincare, I am becoming more conscious of what I am putting onto my skin and its potential effects. I won’t compromise on performance, however, if I can incorporate more natural ingredients into my regime that will support my skin health instead of damage it, then this to me is a huge advantage.

O Cosmedics 1SKIN Lotus Primer, $79

Now to the products themselves – after moisturising, I apply the Lotus Skin Primer. It has a beautiful lightweight and silky texture without the silicone feel of some other primers. It instantly absorbed into my skin, leaving it looking brightened and fresh with a soft satin finish. It isn’t tacky or sticky and it smells light and refreshing.

This product is 97% natural – containing key ingredients such as Lotus Flower Water (known for its hydrating properties), Jojoba Oil (an easily absorbed moisturiser, which also contains copper and zinc) and Desert Date Oil (used by the Ancient Egyptians for its anti-aging skincare benefits in harsh climates).

This primer should be suitable for all skin types – even sensitive skin as the ingredients are very gentle and non-irritating (please note I am not a dermatologist – if you experience frequent reactions to skincare, always do a patch test before applying this primer). There is no alcohol, fragrance, talc or parabens in the formula and it is free of mineral oil and nano-ingredients.


O Cosmedics 1SKIN Natural Treatment Foundation, NZD$74


Turns out this primer and the treatment foundation are a match made in heaven. I take one small pump of ‘True Natural’ which is a beautiful fair neutral shade, and apply it to my face with my fingers. The products melt beautifully together, and the combination provides immediate full-medium coverage which I love! The tint isn’t overly warm or pink, and doesn’t grab in any drier areas around my lips and nose. It blends seamlessly into my hairline and jawline and serves as a great base for my contour and highlight. The finish is a soft satin, that isn’t too dewy. I apply a light dusting of powder to my forehead and leave without applying setting spray to truly test the longevity.

5-6 hours later and it still looks pretty damn good – I go to rub in a bit of product that looks slightly melted around my nose and it blends effortlessly back into my base. It doesn’t shift my coverage or look cakey – I’m really impressed that I can touch this up throughout the day and my skin still looks flawless and hydrated. All other foundations I have tried dry out by midday in my air-conditioned office, so this is a remarkable feat indeed!

A closer look at the ingredients explains how moisturising this foundation is – the Desert Date and Jojoba Oils are there, plus White Cocoa Butter and plant extracts. As with the primer, it’s natural in origin, and doesn’t contain any of the following: talc, parabens, mineral oil, silicones, alcohol, fragrance or petrochemicals. Removal at the end of the day was a breeze – I used cleansing oil to emulsify my makeup, rinsed and then applied my probiotic clay cleanser.

This is now my go-to everyday foundation – it is so comfortable to wear and incredibly high performing! I always get comments on how healthy my skin looks! The only thing to note is that there is no SPF mentioned in the ingredients so I would strongly recommend applying a SPF30+sunscreen every day before using this product. 


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