Little Honey Self Tan Review

The Little Honey Flawless Bronzing Kit includes a 125ml spray mist and a decent quality glove for NZD$55. You can also buy these items separately. They have also recently introduced the ‘boyfriend mitt’ which is a wider fit glove for the man in your life to reach those hard to get places on your back! 

Little Honey is a paraben-free formula enriched with Pro Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera which provides additional moisture and softens the skin. It’s cruelty-free too, and created by a Kiwi company which gets two massive ticks from me!

Having naturally very fair skin, I like to have a light tan all year around to give me a healthy glow. But rather than risk sun damage (hello, aging!) I religiously apply my Bondi Sands Dark Self Tanning Lotion every Thursday night – yes even in winter. One application is enough to last me the week and if I’m looking for additional depth before an event I might double up with a Tuesday application too.

I’ve tried most other brands on the market before settling on Bondi, including supermarket gradual tanners, professional spray tans and St Tropez, so I would consider myself a fake tan connoisseur!

Little Honey has a lovely light vanilla scent. Initially, I tried spraying directly onto my skin and rubbing it in – but it got a bit tricky to keep the bottle upright when trying to spray the back of my legs etc, so I sprayed the mist onto the mitt and then rubbed the formula into my skin. From there, it was much more effective.

The tan is very quick drying – 10 seconds or less, so you gotta work fast! Before it dries, it does spread easily and the mist is tinted so you instantly have a light glow and can see where you have applied. The tint is a soft golden colour and not fake-looking at all. I have no streaks and it’s easy enough to rub into my ankles and wrists.

I hop into bed and my partner remarks it smells nice – poor thing is getting used to tanned sheets every week, as I’m yet to purchase a Tanzee despite my regular tanning habit (I like to snuggle him too much!).

I always sleep in my tan, the bottle advises at least four hours development time, so this is up to you. I am impressed that there is little to no transfer, and when I rinse off the tint in the shower. I don’t get a lot of the colour washing off like my Bondi babe. The final colour result is a beautiful golden colour which doesn’t look unnatural at all.

I would suggest you exfoliate + moisturise your wrists and ankles though as I can see the colour has grabbed a bit here. I have white fingers but tanned wrists – nothing a bit of bronzer can’t help but still noticeable enough to feel a bit self–conscious in meetings. I do feel brave enough to wear a white blouse though, confident I won’t get any residual transfer throughout the day.

The colour lasts well until about day 3/4, I do use moisturising gel in the shower but no moisturisers throughout the week (just as I normally would) – and I find my skin goes quite dry and the colour becomes patchy and washed out in places, especially on my arms and legs. Ironically, I need to rub quite hard to remove the remaining tan (hot shower, exfoliating glove + moisturising shower gel).

Overall, I love that it has little to no transfer, it has a beautiful natural colour and a nice scent. The formula is non-streaky and quick to apply (I could do a full body in about 2-3 minutes!). My only advice would be to have a good moisturiser handy for ankles, wrists and elbows – and then apply your moisturiser every second day to keep the tan in tip top condition. It’s important to note I did try this in the middle of winter, so I would need to use it again in summer when skin moisture levels are higher.

You can purchase Little Honey from Life Pharmacy stores, and online at

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