If you have yet to try Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation, all you have to know is that it has a certain cult status amongst high-coverage long-wear formulas. A couple of months back, Lancôme introduced its expansion line, dubbed Teint Idole Ultra Wear Lifeproof. The products include 2x Makeup Primers; Prep & Matte and Prep & Hydrate Make-Up Primers; Long Time No Shine Setting Powder and the Fix It Forget It Setting Mist.

First off – let me tell you my current skin condition. It’s naturally oily with dry patches (largely depending on the weather and how much water I’ve had to drink). I carry around blotting sheets and translucent powder as it takes only a few hours to look dewy. I love to use setting sprays – firstly to prime my skin, and then to seal in moisture after applying my foundation base and ensure the longevity of my contour and highlight. I spend a lot of time in an air-conditioned office so I know it’s important to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. Oily skin is more often than not, a sign of dehydrated skin, as the oil glands over produce sebum to counteract the dryness. 

First Impressions: The Application

It can be hard to find a combination of setting products that work well together without looking cakey or overdone, so I was very interested to try the new Lifeproof collection from Lancôme. 

It’s the afternoon of the Spring Ball and the dress code is black tie – it goes without saying that my makeup needs to look flawless. There will be plenty of photographers there, so I need my makeup to hold up under the bright lights. Perfect opportunity to put these proclaimed  ‘boosters’ to the test.  

Lancôme Fix It Forget It Mist, NZD$62

After cleansing and moisturising my skin, I spritz the Fix and Forget spray over my face – disappointingly, the nozzle came broken so it spurts and fizzes out rather than misting finely. Holding the spray above my face and letting gravity do the work helps a bit. It smells lovely and fresh, and I love that it contains Hyaluronic acid for sustained hydration. The formula also has added antioxidants like Vitamin C, Moringa seed and Kiwi extract to nourish the skin and protect from free radicals. It’s important to note though that this spray contains a high amount of denatured alcohol (often included to promote that ‘quick-dry’ feeling), so sensitive skin types may want to be cautious in using this ongoing as it’s likely to dry out the skin.

Lancôme Prep & Hydrate Make-Up Primer, NZD$82

I allow the setting spray to dry before applying the hydrating primer. I use a thumbnail size over my face. The primer contains pearl pigments to subtly brighten the skin, and Hyaluronic Acid to plump and hydrate for up to 24 hours. Apricot and Rice Bran oils supplement the formula to add further nourishment. The texture of the primer feels beautiful – it’s a water-light gel consistency that absorbs instantly, leaving a soft satin finish on my skin with no oily or sticky residue.

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation, NZD$

Next, I take my Teint Idole Foundation in shade 020. The glass bottle is heavy and feels luxurious in my hand, it also smells amazing! I’d forgotten how nice it is to use such fragranced products. Definitely a treat, as I’m more conscious now of the impact of fragrance in sensitising my easily irritated skin. This long-wearing foundation sets fast, so I work quickly to pat it into my base with my fingertips. The primer has provided a great base for the foundation and it is melting in nicely to give me that second-skin satin finish I love.

The formula is very high performing and has instantly knocked out any redness while giving full to medium coverage with only one layer. However, I would caution against trying to layer this foundation after it has set (15-20 seconds) as you may end up looking cakey and overdone.

The tone oxidises slightly as it dries and unfortunately is a bit pink for tonight. Ordinarily,  this would have been fine, but I’ve applied an extra dark tan and so I am definitely more olive than usual.

Committed to the cause, I continue with a cool toned bronzer, sweep a light pink blush over my cheeks and dust the high points of my face with highlighter. I then apply a soft purple brown shadow to my eyes, and frame them with a brown pencil liner, smudging in the corners to elongate my lash line. I finish with a lick of mascara to the top and bottom lashes and lightly spritz the setting spray over everything, being careful not to disturb my makeup.

Lancôme Teint Idole Long Time No Shine Setting Powder NZD$70

I’m slightly dewy on my forehead (as per usual), so I gently apply some of the Lancôme Translucent powder. I prefer to press this into the skin, so it becomes part of my makeup rather than just sitting on the top and settling into my pores. I like to use a brush initially and then press in with my fingertips – rather than use the powder puff provided which I feel deposits too much product at once.

A glass of champagne and an Uber ride later, its photo time – a quick check in my compact assures me that my makeup is still perfectly in place. I get limited flashback in the photos which is great!

A few hours later and a quick bathroom stop before we continue to a friend’s house in Remuera. I’m quite dewy everywhere unfortunately, despite it not being overly warm in the venue. I press in a light layer of powder, and I’m relieved that it blends well. The powder has a light luminescent quality so I don’t look flat after applying it everywhere. The collection of products really work well together. Dewiness aside, my foundation base is standing up well with the medium-full coverage intact. It hasn’t settled into any creases or fine lines and I have no dry patches. My skin still feels hydrated and comfortable.

I return home in the wee hours of the morning, having danced the night away. Removing my makeup is easy with my cleansing oil, followed by my probiotic clay cleanser to balance my skin.

The final verdict:

The fix and forget spray has a lovely scent and finish, but I personally wouldn’t use this everyday because of the high alcohol content. Additionally, I didn’t find it as high performing as some other setting sprays – I was still quite dewy despite the formula being weather and sweat proof. As I mentioned, it wasn’t overly warm in the venue, so I’m not sure how well this would hold up in humid climates. Perhaps I needed to apply more to really get the full benefit – I will need to try with another nozzle!

I loved the hydrating primer and would absolutely use this again. It smells delicious and provided the perfect base for my makeup. It’s great that Hyaluronic Acid has been added to this to provide hydration throughout the day. It’s not overly mattifying, so for those that prefer a softly blurred effect try the mattfying primer in this same range. I tried both of these primers under other foundations and they complemented them well!

The Teint Idole is an amazing foundation, it has impressive longevity without looking overdone and drying the skin out. I just need to get another colour match so I can use this more often. I also liked that it has a pump, it makes it so much easier to apply!

My favourite product though is the translucent powder. It is so finely milled that it just melts into the skin without leaving you looking powdery and flat. The light radiance lifts and highlights the skin in a beautifully subtle way. It is very hard to find high performing powders like this, so nab it while you can!


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