It: Chapter 2, For the Discerning Coulrophobian

Picking up 27 years after the events of the first movie, the Losers must once again return to the sleepy town of Derry and deal with the eldritch horror that lurks in the sewer system of their childhood hometown.

It may be one of my favourite horror films of all time, and Chapter 2 is a nice addition to the first film. Of course originally in the books the two timelines are woven between each other, as the adults in the future try and recover their childhood memories of how they first defeated Pennywise the clown.

The Stranger Things gang return for Chapter 2, and provide flashbacks of what they did in the intervening time following the defeat of Pennywise. The boys had to be digitally de-aged a little to keep them looking the way they did a couple years ago, but this doesn’t hurt the viewing experience at all.

The adults are a great crew, with the highlight being Richie (Bill Hader) and Eddie’s (James Ransone) relationship perfectly foiling off each other.

I’m going to use this caption to let you know the movie is like 3 hours long.

Big names include Jessica Chastain as The Girl Beverly and James McAvoy as Main Boy Bill. Our very own Jay Ryan also features as Ben Hanscom, in the intervening years Ben has shed the pounds and has become the chiselled sexy guy he was always supposed to be, upping his chances with The Girl tenfold!

The only way Chapter 2 suffers is how it feels like a bit of a retread on Chapter 1, but the symmetry is by design, so I guess that’s fine?

Either way I got a bit of an emotional connection to the characters that carried over from the first film, so seeing them end their story got me in the feels. This is my way of saying that you should watch Chapter 1, you bastard.

Matt, my +1 to the movie didn’t do his homework and had missed watching the first one. Afterwards he told me that “Personally I found it infinitely more watchable than Chapter 1”.

Personally I enjoy the messages this movie has sitting around. Fear causes devision, devision brings hate, and the only thing that benefits from that is a bunch of scary shit biting holes in your neck.

Izak Flash

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