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Being a natural blonde with thin brows, I like ash-toned brow products that add definition and volume. This is easier said than done – I’ve oscillated between gels, pomades, powders and tattoo pens. For now, I’ve settled on a waxy pencil that has a thin tip, and then I run a brow mascara through afterwards to thicken and set everything. I was really hoping to love this after the success of trialling the bronzer and illuminsor compacts, but unfortunately this product didn’t quite live up to the high standards!

The Inika brow define palettes come in two shades; Amber and Chestnut. Inside, there is a clear wax (enriched with Shea and Cocoa butters) and two powders; one lighter than the other to provide natural definition in tone.

I tried ‘Amber’ and I was nervous as it sounded to me like it would be too warm for my complexion, but the lighter shade turned out to be a perfect match. Unfortunately, the wax is quite thin, and the synthetic brush that came with the palette is small and quite awkward to use. The wax and powder formulas complement each other and didn’t clump, but I found I had to use a lot of product to properly fill in my brows. The brush was impossible to use to shape my brow, so I swapped it out for a tightly packed angled liner brush which helped.

This palette would be great for those that want to darken or fill in any gaps in their brows, but it’s not that effective for shaping them or providing an angled structure.

By Girl_George

The second product I tried in the new Inika range was the Brow Define Palette. I am a stickler for good brow products as it is waaaay too easy to stuff those puppies up and I do not enjoy looking at others with bad brows. Usually, I reach for my Colourpop Brow Pencil or my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade as opposed to powdered products. I find using pencil or cream much easier for creating a defined brow.

The Brow Define Palette comes with a transparent wax, a light powder, a dark powder, a mini brow brush and spoolie. I found the brush and spoolie useless as they were too small for me to grip adequately to get precise application. Doesn’t help that I am hugely loyal to my Morphe E29 brush which saves my brows and sometimes even my eyeliner. Diving straight into the formula: the wax I did not like, but then again I don’t like any sort of wax on my brows as it makes them feel stiff (I normally use a light gel to set). Then again, you can just use the powders if you fancy. There are two palette options – Amber and Chestnut. Within each palette is a light and a dark shade which you can use to customise the look that suit you best. To create my ideal brows I applied the dark shade to the outer end of my brows and faded the colour as I moved inwards to the lighter shade. The powder is very pigmented which surprised me, some other brow powders I have tried do not hold their colour well and eventually flake everywhere.

The Inika Brow Define Palette does have good colour pay off and staying power, and because of that I might be more likely to reach for it when doing any look. It is very handy to have if you are pressed for time and need to quickly create brows before dashing off to work, but I much prefer pomade or pencil. This one palette will last me for quite a while, so by the time I have hit the pan I might be convinced to purchase another!

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