If you have blonde hair (natural or not, no judgement here!) adding a toning product to your regime can make a massive difference. It works to preserve the integrity of your colour, protecting it against UV and heat damage, as well as neutralising any unwanted brassy and gold tones.

How does it work? Well, it’s actually quite simple when we consider the colour wheel. Opposites will cancel each other out. So, because yellow and purple are at opposite sides of the colour wheel, applying purple shampoo to yellow (blonde) hair will pull the tone towards neutral. Same goes for orange and blue, and red and green. If you have brown hair and you want a cooler tone, apply a blue shampoo, and green tinted products work to neutralise red tones.

The same rules apply in makeup, so pink (purple) skin tones like foundations with yellow undertones, and we use green colour correcting concealers to reduce redness.

The Colour Wheel: Opposite shades neutralise each other

Their OG ‘purple shampoo’ a.k.a. Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo is a best-seller and widely accepted as one of the most powerful toning shampoos on the market. It is deeply pigmented, and knocks out brassiness in seconds.

But those of you that regularly use a purple toning shampoo will understand it can be quite drying on the scalp. Fudge have recently reformulated their Clean Blonde shampoo to include hydrating Guarana, Opti-PLEXTM, HairGuardTM and FragranceFuseTM technologies.

These are basically fancy terms for ingredients that strengthen the bonds within our hair’s internal structure. They help to smoothen and protect the hair cuticle, stabilising it against future damage from heat and colouring. Ultimately that means less breakage, and your colour should stay brighter for longer! The original formula is still available for sale and the new product with the bonding agents are dubbed Clean Blonde Damage Rewind.

Fudge Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Shampoo/Conditioner, NZD$29

How to Use

It can be a bit of a risky game trying to find the perfect balance between that gorgeous icy, champagne blonde and a matte violet-tinged mop. Fudge’s stuff is INTENSE. Don’t forget that damaged porous hair will absorb more of the pigment, and ends may grab the purple differently to the top of your head.

I like to start out by leaving the shampoo on for thirty seconds or so, massaging quickly to distribute evenly throughout my hair. l apply the bulk of the product to my mid-lengths and ends and work upwards, because I get the most brassiness where the hair is the oldest. Overall, I use about two large 50c piece dollops of shampoo. It’s pretty runny so hard to be sure.

Then I rinse well and apply my conditioner/mask. You can always layer another application of the shampoo, but it’s harder to remove if you go too far (you need to wait for it to naturally fade out over the course of a few washes). I’ll use this shampoo once a week, alternating between this and my standard colour protecting shampoo. Watch out for any light coloured clothing nearby or white towels too as they may stain.

If you want a stronger neutralising effect, you have two options: apply the gentler toning conditioner, or use the new leave-in Tri-Blo spray which is a heat protectant (up to 235 degrees), tone neutraliser and hair spray in one.

Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Tri-Blo Spray, NZD$28.50

I like to spritz about 3-4 sprays of Tri-Blo into my medium length, towel dried hair – combing it thoroughly to evenly distribute the pigment (this is important). The texture is light without any sticky residue, and smells lightly of coconut (yum!). I then blow dry my hair as normal, and the product dries softly, without that crunchy feel. The final result is a beautiful, silvery blonde that isn’t patchy or flat looking.

You don’t have to use the full set of products all together, for some blondes this could be too much. Feel free to substitute and mix it up with your existing regime.

The Final Verdict

The only downside to this shampoo is that, while it is incredibly good at removing yellow tones from the hair – it can be easy to overdo it. The hair in my front section can grab too much purple, leaving me with an uneven matte effect which takes a few washes to remove. This is easily remedied by applying a mix of my regular shampoo, with the pigmented one (to this section only) so it’s a softer result.

Fudge Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Violet Toning Shampoo, Conditioner and Tri-Blo Spray are available from Rodney Wayne and specialist shampoo stores nationwide


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