Since the world has gone into lockdown, certain commodities have been flying off shelves. Like many, during the stage of being covered in snot and tears, the eager doomsday preppers were stocking up on toilet paper, pasta, garlic and sanitary products. So atop of dealing with waves of anxiety about the health of my family who are a non-catchable 12-hour flight away and also my financial security, I was quick to be mortified about how the f**k we were going to clean our assholes as well as how the f********k I was going to have my period without leaving a massacre-esque trail around the house. And like, you know, worried about the overwhelming omen-like sick feelings of the unknown too. Anyway, my point is – alongside those ‘essentials,’ booze has been a real hit in the market with this economic recession – because it’s depressing! And sometimes, you just need to forget about the shitstorm that has wiped you off the floor.

So! To give isolation some spice and inject a bit more joy into everyone’s new mundane lifestyle, I thought I’d share some balls-to-the-walls cocktail recipes that Jeremy Nivern made over the summer. Now that all you have is time, why not do something that involves a bit of muddling?

The taste profile for Bananas in Pyjamas is super rich, creamy, luxurious and fruity and it’s meant to be had in your pyjamas. The harmony of banana, coconut and fragrant coffee is out-the-gate mate. You can have it instead of your morning smoothie – it’s a convenient amalgamation of caffeine and breakfast fruits with some added happy juice. 

Using Kraken Spiced Rum adds a deep, vanilla heavy, spiced flavour which gives the drink a flavourful base. The banana gives it that extra banana-ey texture and richness while the coffee balances the drink with its bitterness. If you love pina coladas, you already know what coconut milk does in a drink. It gives it that creamy body~ “MMM! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” (Imagine Tom Segura making those noises with the little moves he does.)


30mls Kraken Spiced
10mls Quick Brown Fox
1x Slice Banana
30mls Coconut Milk
10mls Demerara Syrup  
(I reckon it would be good with a little bit of espresso in there if you don’t like your drinks that sweet)

How To:

Add all ingredients to a cocktail tin. Using a blunt object, muddle the banana to release the flavour. When all ingredients are in the tin, shake hard for 6 seconds and then strain into a tumbler of your choice, add ice and banana for garnish. Serve. Make many happy memory.

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