Hot on the heels of the Sand and Sky Pink Clay mask, Alya Skin have released the newest clay mask to hit the Instagram beauty scene.

Produced by a cute Melbourne duo, the mask is vegan-friendly, animal cruelty-free and enriched with pink kaolin. The mask promises to tighten pores, help reduce acne and extract pollutants and nasties.

We reviewed the OG Pink clay mask from Sand&Sky, read our thoughts here.

I’m a sucker for trialing new beauty products – and masks are my favorite given their promise of *instant* results – so one night after work, I applied this mask while watching the newest episode of the Bachelor Australia (are you Team ‘Mo or no?).

First impressions, I love the smell. It smells powdery and faintly like rose – but it’s not nana-like or overpowering. The consistency is smooth, and it spreads cooly over my skin with a brush. I apply a suitably thick layer, and I’m pleased it doesn’t tingle painfully like the Sand&Sky version. It’s very comfortable to wear and over the next ten minutes, my skin gently tightens as the pale pink dries white. I suggest not multi-tasking with this one… your mouth will crack and the mask will flake into your tea. #notcute

I can see oil being drawn out of my pores as the mask dries which is pleasing. I wash the mask off with a warm flannel, and I love how comfortable and soft my skin feels! The Sand&Sky mask produced an uncomfortably ‘squeaky’ clean feeling and I had to lather my face in creamy moisturiser to feel half normal again. This mask feels like you’ve just washed with a gel-based cleanser without stripping your face of the essential oils.

My skin is noticeably clearer and looks rested and calm. The formula contains aloe vera and witch hazel and it shows. Any red blemishes have dulled and my skin looks brighter somehow.

The mask also contains Laminaria Japonica Extract, which is a type of seaweed native to Japan. It is known for its ability to aid the elimination of toxins from the skin and body. It is also has moisturising properties, by providing deep nourishment while removing skin dryness and itchiness when applied topically. The superstar ingredients don’t stop there with the addition of alpha-hydroxy Lactic Acid, which gently resurfaces the skin to keep pores clear.

After it dries on my face, I apply a light moisturiser, my usual HA serum and head to bed. In the morning, I’m suitably impressed. My once congested t-zone looks calm and my skin is still supple and happy. My skin is still mattified and I have no peeling (sometimes this can occur with masks containing hydroxys – it’s a normal response to the gentle exfoliation, but not ideal ahead of important meetings and events).

I love that the combination of red and white clays allows the mask to remove impurities so mildly, without compromising the moisture levels of my skin. While it was uncomfortable to apply the Sand&Sky mask all over my face, I tolerated this one well.

I will definitely incorporate this into my regular routine, and with that super cute millennial pink packaging, this is one trend that is worth the hype. I believe it would be suitable for all skin types – but please do a patch test if you are susceptible to reactions.

The 120g mask retails for NZD$54.95 at Life Pharmacy, Smith & Caughey’s and Ballantynes. 


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