What is Chatty Chums?


[dropcap]C[/dropcap]hatty Chums – it’s all pretty self explanatory.


In the magical space of the world wide web that’s now incredibly close-knit and exceptionally accessible, we’ve got info, visuals and inspiration at the tip of our fingertips. Genius! But quoted many a times, and for good reason, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ – in particular, the power to, for lack of a better word, influence!


From young, impressionable girls to the mothers who are nurturing these hormonal raging monsters, what Chatty Chums strives to do, is to share, advise, converse and cry with real women in real way. Integrity is what’s lacking and honesty is what we’re craving, so that’s what we’ll provide – jokes included.


I’m a bit hesitant to define and set in stone what Chatty Chums is – it should resonate with each individual in a different way and incline a visit for different purposes.


Perhaps, you’d like to be handed the cold hard truth in what’s happening in the cosmetic industry and know what’s going to really work for your (and your kids’) skin so you can have the option to absorb honest information or choose to be susceptible to a whole load of bullshit marketing ploys. As long as you’re making informed purchasing decisions, then we’re good.


Or maybe, you just need a hilariously jaded girlfriend to turn to when you’re feeling alone; or post-meltdown in the bathroom at your work; or when you just feel lost and need an honest stranger that you can relate to.


You don’t need a facade or feel the need to upkeep a certain image – we can be secret BFF’s, just as long as you respect that this is a judgement-free zone. We are who we are!


We don’t dissect and intellectualize every non-PC action that will be irrelevant in the next 30 seconds but we don’t say no to anything either. Everything is up for discussion.


In 2015, as part of my final academic thesis, I created a fashion blog that celebrated and analyzed the workings of different designers – with the first one talking about Alexander Wang and how I threw a heinous tantrum over the fact that my dear mother refused to help me acquire some Alexander Wang x HM (at the time, the collabs weren’t available in NZ). So despite the fact that I was writing for a hoity toity Master’s thesis, I never failed to neglect the emotions that would’ve otherwise been considered embarrassing.


Nowadays, there’s so many people who will unashamedly show their weaknesses – and that’s what we’ll do – with a twist of sarcastic jaded humour – because adulting is HARD and everyone requires more laughter in their lives.


Raw, honest and funny; Chatty Chums is all about sharing the journey of the modern woman’s life. In particular, the transitioning from student to funemployed grad to stripclub bartender to desk-chained writer to bat-shit crazy quarter lifer to businesswoman to mum to milk-bearer and poop-cleaner to educator to wise old lady… and all the emotionally harrowing misfortunes that come with it.


But since we all like to look good and have fun along the way, there’ll be great suggestions for where to go locally and globally to eat, shop, dance, chill and play as well as comfort-driven style recommendations, AND my personal forte – beauty! But let’s also dabble in politics along the way.